FIFA Fever

June 4, 2015

fifa feverKS2, KS3, KS4

In this fast paced football themed workshop, pupils examine the lives of football stitchers in Pakistan through interactive games such as working in small ‘family’ groups to earn income. Through engaging debate, critical thinking and personal reflection, pupils have the opportunity to recognise their own power to make positive change in the world.

“The mix of reflection, information and practical activity was effective” Teacher at Ashville College

“Excellent idea, activity, delivery, presentation” Year 4 teacher Adel St. John Primary


Students will:

  • Identify countries where footballs are made, who makes them and what the working conditions are like
  • Critically assess fairness of the industry
  • Reflect on the benefits of Fairtrade
  • Examine personal responses and have the opportunity to empathise with football stitchers

Curriculum areas