Be a cocoa farmer!

KS1, KS2 This popular workshop, created in collaboration with the makers of Divine chocolate,  uses imaginative props to teach students about the lives of cocoa farmers in Ghana, how the cocoa bean is produced, transported and processed and how buying Fairtrade chocolate makes a difference to small scale cocoa farmers. The workshop uses engaging props, […]

Amazing Mexico!

KS1, KS2 Pupils will leave buzzing after exploring Mexico’s location, environmental regions, key physical and human characteristics and major cities through art, photos, Mexican games and our unique Honey game! Learning outcomes Reflect on similarities and differences between the UK and Mexico Explore the lives of honey farmers in Mexico and the difference Fairtrade makes   […]

Beyond Chembakolli: Urban India

KS1, KS2 Want some inspiration in presenting modern, urban India in a child friendly way? This popular workshop uses photos and film shot by Leeds DEC staff and includes their personal stories of visiting India. Children from a range of socio-economic backgrounds are featured in the film, and comparisons are drawn with pupils’ own lives. […]

Cotton onto Fairtrade

KS1 KS2 This workshop uses the creation of sock puppets to teach students about the journey of cotton, the benefits of Fairtrade and the life of the people involved in the supply chain. Role play, art and film are used to engage pupils in the journey of cotton and reflect on the different roles and […]

Peer Education Power!

 KS2, KS3. This practical workshop stimulates pupils to reflect on what it means to be a good teacher before observing and then running a session on  Children’s Rights, Fairtrade, Sweatshops or Waste. Each pupil is given a certificate and Peer Educator badge on completion of their training. In addition, they are provided with the resources […]

Islam and I

KS2 Pupils will be engrossed in the practical activities such as collage creating and making art to take home that is inspired by Muslim contributions to our lives. Ideal workshop to give more balanced information and present positive images of a faith that has been much maligned in the media. This workshop has been created […]

Agents of Change

KS2, KS3 This workshop uses case studies of local as well as famous people around the world who have taken action to improve the world we live in. It uses film, art and the Global Advocate exhibition to engage the children with the issues. Perfect for stimulating discussion on active citizenship, human rights, race equality […]

FIFA Fever

KS2, KS3, KS4 In this fast paced football themed workshop, pupils examine the lives of football stitchers in Pakistan through interactive games such as working in small ‘family’ groups to earn income. Through engaging debate, critical thinking and personal reflection, pupils have the opportunity to recognise their own power to make positive change in the […]

Don’t Palm us Off!

KS3 Palm oil is used everyday by nearly all of us. It’s in bread, biscuits, toiletries, cosmetics, and many more commonplace products. But how many of us know what it is, or where it comes from, or why producers have chosen to use it in place of other products? This workshop supports pupils to understand […]


KS3, KS4 This important workshop was created in partnership with MEND (Muslim Engagement and Development) to address the rising issue of Islamophobia using film, discussion and topical case studies. This session will enable your students to examine human rights, critically examine media coverage about Muslims and reflect on their own responses. “Ignorance, peer pressure and […]

Climate Justice Champions

KS2, KS3, KS4 This creative workshop challenges pupils to think about the causes and consequences of climate change. Pupils participate in a challenge to create floating gardens, making use of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) skills. “Very engaging activities that got the children thinking about climate change, really well delivered with great resources.” Year […]

NEW! Migration murder mystery

KS3 KS4 Students become detectives to find out the facts behind the story of a murdered migrant. The activity seeks to encourage empathy with a migrant by looking for details behind a newspaper headline. By developing a rounded picture of an individual migrant, understanding his circumstances and developing sympathy for his predicament students will be […]

Give us some credit

KS3, KS4 Debt. It’s a big scary word. But there is more to debt than mortgages and student loans. Put the pieces together to learn how global finance affects individual lives, and critically assess the fairness of international government relationships. “Well planned, with good detail and challenging. They found the pace just right.” Teacher, Belle […]

How cool is your mobile phone?

KS3, KS4 With new handsets released every week, it’s no wonder we are always lusting after the latest mobile. But with massive demand, how do manufacturers keep up supply? Learn about the raw materials in our phones and trace the journey it takes to reach our pocket. “Excellent! I learnt a lot too and will […]