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Global Teacher Award

Global Teacher Award: Level 1

Duration 1 day or 4 twilights

“The best course I have ever been on!” Asst Head, Bankside Primary School




Participants will:


The Global Teacher Award course supports teachers in developing the skills, confidence and practical approaches to incorporate global learning into the curriculum, in particular providing strategies to stimulate critical thinking about global issues at whole school and pupil level. It will help teachers nurture informed, active global citizenship amongst their pupils and enhance their SMSC provision. This course will also enable teachers to better understand the links between global education theories and approaches to their own practice and be able to apply these in a practical way in the classroom. It will enable them to reflect on and have a better understanding of their own role as global practitioners.



Fairtrade activities 2011 1721 British Values, Racial Equality and Global Learning

Duration 1 twilight
Course Outcomes
Participants will:



This course supports the Steven Lawrence Education Standard.
This twilight is tailor made for your school in order to reflect on your
approaches to both Racial Equality and Global Learning, in order for
you to strengthen both.




bankside 1From Charity to Justice

Duration 1/2 day or 2 twilights

Course Outcomes


This course will support teachers to help their students make
connections between fair trade and climate change, enabling young
people to better understand the difference between charity and
The course has a strong focus on sharing participatory approaches,
with the ultimate aim of enabling children to plan and carry to their
own global citizenship actions or projects, which address global issues,
and can contribute to a fairer world.
Participative – concept lines, Margolis wheel for planning and problem
solving together
Reflective and Questioning – using dialogue and enquiry techniques,
such as OSDE and P4C, encouraging critical literacy and critical
Personal perspectives – card sorting activity on ‘what is global
citizenship’ to enable participants to reflect on their own perspectives
Multiple perspectives – use of resources from Kenya, Benin, and Latin
America to explore similarities and difference in people lives.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGlobal Literacy for a Fairer World

Duration 1/2 day or 2 twilights
Course Outcomes
Participants will have:


The Global Literacy course aims to help teachers deepen their
understanding of global learning and feel more confident about
teaching about complex issues such as poverty, interdependence, food
and trade.
The course will provide strategies for teachers to stimulate critical
thinking about global issues both at whole school and pupil level and
develop teachers’ skills in participatory classroom facilitation, so
enabling children to better lead their own learning and actions towards
a fairer world



Fairtrade activities 2011 1532Philosophy for Children (P4C) and Global Learning: An Introduction

Duration 1/2 day or 2 twilights
Course Outcomes
Participants will:


This twilight introduces ‘Philosophy for Children’, a structured
approach to learning through enquiry and dialogue. P4C is an approach
to teaching and learning that is motivating and challenging for children
and teachers. It has developed over 35 years, and is practised in
approximately 60 countries. Research has clearly established that it
improves behaviour, motivation and learning, as well as achievement
for pupils of all ages, abilities and within any subject area. This course
demonstrates how P4C and Global Learning work together.




IslamophFairtrade activities 2011 815obia

Duration 1/2 day or 2 twilights
Course Outcomes
Participants will consider:


This course will provide teachers with strategies and resources to
tackle Islamophobia in a variety of subjects and age ranges.
It will help schools integrate Islamophobia awareness holistically across
the school, complementing and builds on other work in school on Race
Awareness and Community Cohesion.
Teachers will consider ways to engage both Muslim and non-Muslim
students on the issue of Islamophobia, and will makes use of new
materials produced by NASUWT / Reading International Solidarity Centre.


Thorner2Global Citizens in Action: Pupil Power

Duration 1/2 day or 2 twilights
Course Outcomes
Participants will:


This practical CPD focuses on the value and benefit of involving pupils
in raising awareness on Children’s Rights and Responsibilities locally
and globally. It stimulates and deepens teacher understanding of the
UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, showcases inspirational
case studies, provides teachers with take away resources and gives
structure for follow up work.


IMG_1295Social, Moral, Spiritual, Cultural (SMSC)

and Global Learning

Duration 1/2 day or 2 twilights
Participants will:


All of our pupil workshops enhance SMSC school requirements and
promote student voice, and this CPD training for teachers
demonstrates how SMSC and Global Learning go hand in hand.
Teachers are supported to devise and implement ways to embed
SMSC and GL across the culture of the school, helping to meet Ofsted
requirements. We start from teachers’ and pupils’ everyday
experiences to connect them to the wider world they are part of,
making the issues and concepts relevant and engaging.


Coming Soon!

In additional to the courses listed above, we are developing bespoke training on the following topics:

Fairtrade activities 2011 1747Preparing Young People for Living in a Culturally Diverse World -

The world is becoming increasingly interdependent, which creates new challenges for the next generation in terms of community and employment. This course explores how education can prepare young people to meet these challenges









IMG_2604It doesn’t have to cost the earth -

Use of land, water, and other natural resources is both an environmental and a human rights issue. This course supports your Eco/ Sustainable School work to give you engaging,  hands on activity ideas to implement in the classroom.
We will soon be adding the Global Teacher Award Level 2 to our CPD
provision, which includes access to an online handbook that supports
teachers to continue their Global Learning development beyond the course