Peer Education

These Toolkits have been put together by Leeds DEC from original material by credited external sources.

These three toolkits have been created for your school council. The aim is that your teacher (in charge of the council) will lead these activities with you, if you are in KS 2 or KS3. Afterwards you can lead the same activity with your own class, and then reflect on how it went, so you can get skilled up as a peer educator!

The topics covered by the toolkits are closely related to your own life (the clothes you wear, the food you eat, what you do with your waste.)
It helps you to learn about the effects of our actions on people who live in different countries who we rely on every day, to produce our food/ clothes, and to learn about our effect on the earth when we waste resources.
It gives you the opportunity to think about what YOU can do about these issues.
It helps you grow in confidence as a young educator-an important life skill!


Peer Eduction

Where Did You Get Your Top? A peer education toolkit on Garment workers.

Where are our clothes made? What conditions are they made in? Have a go at working ‘in the factory’ (making baseball hats.) How can we raise awareness of the issues?

Fair enough! A peer educator toolkit on Fairtrade

Fair enough- a peer education toolkit on Fairtrade- Where do our bananas come from? Are people paid fairly to grow them? What do we mean by a fair price? What can we do to make sure farmers are treated with respect and paid fairly?

It’s Not All Rubbish. A peer education toolkit on Waste

What do we do with our rubbish? What will happen to the world if we carry on wasting resources (such as cans, plastic packaging, mobile phones..)? How can we raise awareness about the issues? Make your own funky wallet out of waste.