Maths teachers multiply social justice

A  group of Maths teachers are working on a range of approaches to include Global Learning within their KS3 topics. The teachers are trailling and evaluating existing resources in addition to creating new materials as part of  the World-Class Teaching programme, a national education project funded by the European Commission. The project helps schools and colleges to integrate Citizenship, SMSC and Values Education within subject curricular. Teacher Coral Griffiths has pioneered new lessons on pie charts. When asked what had been successful about the lessons for Year 7 she reflected that

“It has required the students to do more problem solving than they would normally in a pie chart topic and they have been more engaged”

Working Groups for Science and MFL will be set up to work on topics in their own curriculum areas to add to the World Class Teaching curriculum set you can download here. If you are a secondary school teacher who would like to be involved (or think your school would like to find out more) contact Hannah on  or 0113 3731767

Coral finished her presentation by enthusing

“It’s been really good fun! I want to teach it to everyone now!”