Author required to write lessons for Secondary RE / Citizenship / Ethics publication

Leeds DEC is looking for an Author/ Consultant to write up teaching materials for core RE / Citizenship / Ethics topics at KS3/4 with a global perspective. The author will work in conjunction with our RE / Citizenship / Ethics Teacher Working Group to develop a series of lessons for RE which incorporate Global themes and issues.


Produce a series of engaging and inspiring differentiated lessons with clear Global Learning objectives and RE / Citizenship / Ethics curriculum objectives for KS3 & KS4.

Profile of the author

The ideal candidate will have:

  • recent or substantial experience of teaching RE / Citizenship / Ethics at KS3/4 in mainstream secondary schools with students of a range of abilities
  • a good understanding of global issues such as those covered by the Global Goals
  • a passion for global social justice and environmental sustainability
  • experience of engaging and inspiring students and of systematically developing a series of lessons
  • the ability to attend teacher working group meetings in the Leeds / Bradford area

The author will:

  • Consult and work with the RE / Citizenship / Ethics Working Group and Project Staff at Working Group meetings to identify suitable Topics and agree Global Citizenship themes to be covered
  • Research Global Citizenship topics and themes (including sourcing data etc)
  • Produce classroom-ready Global Citizenship lessons for trialling by Working Group and other teachers
  • Capture and review feedback with Working Group
  • Revise lessons and deliver to Leeds DEC in format ready to be designed and published


Produce 20 lessons which will:-

  1. Explore global themes (These will be identified collaboratively by the author, the working group and project staff)
  2. Fit to ordinary day-to-day teaching of standard KS3/4 RE / Citizenship / Ethics topics
  3. Be attractive to and popular with mainstream RE / Citizenship / Ethics teachers
  4. Introduce students to global themes and issues through the lens of RE / Citizenship / Ethics teaching

Timeframe:   Between February 2019 and July 2019

Fee:             £1800

Please send expressions of interest to Adam Ranson at by February 11th 2019. This should include your CV with a covering letter outlining your experience and why you want to take on the role.

For more info please email Adam or phone the centre on 0113 3731767